Sintel (2014)

Type of Work: Rescored Film Clip
Contribution: Music Composition
Software Used: Logic Pro X, Waves Audio Plug-ins, Garritan Personal Orchestra 5
Film: © copyright Blender Foundation | (licensed under CC BY 3.0)
Music Copyright: Aaron Eastwood

Sintel (2014) is an independently produced short film initiated by the Blender Foundation. When I first learned of Sintel, I became excited by the idea of reimagining the music, particularly this "journey" montage. As Sintel travels the world looking for a lost friend, I wanted the music to reflect each of the different locations she visits, yet remain a unified musical idea. To achieve this, I introduced a variety of non-Western instrument sounds underscored by a consistent driving rhythm.

Spark (2016)

Type of Work: PC Game
Client: Chris Cantwell
Contribution: Sound Design, Voice-over, Audio Implementation
Tools Used: Pro Tools, Waves Audio Plug-ins, Soundsnap, Unity 3D, C#
Copyright: Used by Permission.

Spark (2016) follows a nano-materials engineer who gains the ability to transform into a spaceship as he flees from a universe that wants to see him destroyed. Working with a group of talented developers at the University of Southern California, I had the privilege of designing and implementing all of the audio in the game, giving me the chance to work with the audio implementation tools in Unity 3D and personally script all of the audio-related code in C#. This video offers a look at some of Spark's key sound design elements. Special acknowledgment to composer Alex Winkler for his fantastic score, and a very special thanks to director Chris Cantwell for making this video possible.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Trailer (2014)

Type of Work: Video Game Trailer (all Audio Replaced)
Contribution: Music Composition, Sound Design
Tools Used: Pro Tools,
Copyright: Aaron Eastwood (Music, Sound Design); Square Enix Co., Ltd. (Video)

This re-imaging of the sound and music in a trailer for the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward presents a contrast between the desolation depicted in the first part of the trailer with the chaos of battle seen in the second half. I also focused on creating a sense of anticipation, both for the battle depicted in the video as well as the game's release.

A Trip to the Moon (1902)

Type of Work: Silent Film (with New Original Score)
Contribution: Music Composition
Software Used: Pro Tools, Waves Audio Plug-ins, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Reason 9
Film Copyright: Public Domain
Music Copyright: Aaron Eastwood

As silent films continue to grab the attention of modern movie lovers, a new generation of composers are providing customized music for these classic works. I recently joined this group of silent film enthusiasts by composing a score for this 1902 Georges Méliès classic. The challenge in creating this piece was striking a balance between "old fashioned" and modern musical sounds, which I accomplished through the contrast and interplay between the straightforward, classical style presented in the first and final sections of the film, and the electronic sounds and extended tonalities heard during the scenes on the moon.