Greetings everyone!

Welcome to my online portfolio and professional website. I am eager to connect with individuals, organizations, and companies looking for a passionate and knowledgeable composer, sound designer, and audio production professional. If you’ve come to this website seeking such a person, rejoice! Your search is over!

I create music and sound to ignite emotions and bring the fictional worlds of films, games, and other media to life in a unique and meaningful way. I treat music and sound as critical elements of storytelling that form deep connections to a narrative and its characters—whether used in creative, unexpected ways or to create a sense of familiarity and realism.

Though never a substitute for creativity, technology often helps me realize this goal. From digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro X, to the finer points of writing code for a game audio script, the compelling digital tools available in the 21st century have inspired me to cultivate a deeper understanding of the technology that drives modern audio production.

Yet in today's production environments, technical knowledge and creative energy share equal importance with the ability to interact effectively and harmoniously with the members of a team. To every team I join, I offer my strongest work ethic founded upon excellent written and verbal communication skills, formidable problem-solving skills, and the ability to remain flexible while maintaining a positive, professional attitude.

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I look forward to making your project come alive with audio and music. Let's wield the power of sound together!


Aaron Eastwood
Composer, Sound Designer, and Audio Production Professional