Sound Design

Steadfast Game Trailer

Steadfast Main Title & Opening Cinematic Theme

Type of Work: PC Game
Audio Lead, Sound Design (Co-contributor), Music Composition (Co-contributor), Orchestration, Audio Mixing and Mastering, Audio Programming, Voice Over (Co-contributor)
Co-contributors: Wyatt Powell (Voice Over, Sound Design, Music Composition); Dakota Halford (Sound Design, Music Composition); Robert Patterson (Voice Over, Sound Design)
Software and Tools Used: Unity 5.3.4, Pro Tools, Garritan Personal Orchestra, Waves Gold Plug-ins, iZotope RX Plug-ins
Copyright: Norco College

Steadfast is the 2016 capstone project for all game development students at Norco College. I had the privilege of managing a small team of talented young sound designers and composers as the audio lead for this project. Aside from team management and assisting with sound design, composition, and voice overs when necessary, my primary duty was to polish all of the audio assets my team had created and prepare them for implementation in the game engine. This included making minor edits, mixing, and mastering both sound effects and music, as well as orchestrating the music. I was also in charge of implementing the audio in the Unity game engine, a task which included a fair amount of coding in C#. Included here is the trailer from the game as well as the music from the title screen and opening cinematic.